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Scotty 3D

      Scotty 3D is a graphics software package for the 15-462 Computer Graphics class in CMU, which includes components for software rastization, interactive mesh editing, realistic path tracing, and dynamic animation. Implementing functionality in each of these areas is the semester project for students.

      For the course, I implemented interactive mesh manipulation with mesh editing, triangulation, subdivision, and remeshing; dynamic animation with spline interpolation, FK/IK, linear blend skinning; realistic path tracing; physics-based simulation.

      The 3D render works below are created using the self-implemented Scotty3D.

      Link to CMU official documentation of Scotty 3D: Scotty 3D Docs


      DrawSVG is a software rasterizer that draws bitmap images and supports the basic features of the SVG format.

      The 2D vector work below is rendered using self-implemented DrawSVG.

Render Works

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